Job description

We are looking to scale our frontend team with different profiles, from people with some experience and eager to lear to Senior profiles willing to lead by example and incorporate experience and good practices.

Your main focus should be in the layout and UI area of development, but other knowledge will be valued.

You will be joining a boutique development agency, where you will be working with some of Europe’s top designers to create outstanding websites for our customers. Please feel free to look through our portfolio.

Our culture is people and relations first, with passion and pride in what we do.. The name of our company tries to reflect how we like to do things, Fik comes from the Swedish term Fika (take a look at the meaning if you are not familiar, we loved it when we learned about it). Join us and help us build a great work experience.

Salary will be determined based on experience and discussed with final stage candidates. The range we will be offering will be a gross salary of between 30k and 50k euros per year for senior developers and 19k to 24k for Junior profiles, plus other perks standard to all Fik employees.

Job requirements

As a frontend developer, we expect you to:

  • Understand JavaScript and feel confident using a framework or two.
  • Be familiar with a few UI/JSframeworks.
  • Be up to date with modern theme development.
  • Introduce best coding and development practices.

We are also aiming to create reusable pipelines and assets, to make our day-to-day work friendlier, this will help your day to day.

Working in the office is not a must, but it would be nice to have in-person meets regularly. If working remotely, having excellent digital communication skills and practices will be a must.

As mentioned, we do support remote work, but we would also love to have some time sharing the same space, especially when starting out, to get to know each other and establish enriching working habits.